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How can someone apply for a scholarship?

The National Scholarship Fund does not accept unsolicited scholarship applications unless you are a current or former foster care individual. Our current fundraising campaign is solely focused on providing scholarships to current and former foster care kids.We are sorry for any misunderstanding or inconvenience.If you are a current or former foster care individual seeking a scholarship for college, then please send an interest letter/email to nationalscholarshipfund@yahoo.com Please do explain why you should receive a scholarship and what you plan to do with your degree after you graduate and beyond.

Can a scholarship recipient attend the university of their choice?

YES! Recipients may attend the college of university of their choice as long as it is a legitimate and fully accredited college or university.

Are scholarships granted for one semester, one class, one year, or what?

All scholarships are valid for one semester or quarter, unless other arrangements are made prior to the start of classes. Please be aware that all scholarships are individualized and the period of time can vary. It is most common for scholarship recipients to receive scholarships every semester. However, it is not uncommon for scholarship recipients to receive a one-year scholarship.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for scholarship recipients?

Currently, all recipients must be current or “aged-out” foster care individuals ONLY. Other eligibility requirements apply.

How can applicants improve their chances for being granted a scholarship?

Currently, all recipients must be current or “aged-out” foster are individuals ONLY. There is no other way to improve chances.

What percentage of donations goes to the scholarships?

We are very proud of our organizational policy that requires at least 80% of ALL donated funds go directly to scholarships.  We are proud to be in the minority of public charities with our policy to dedicate at least 80% of all donations going directly to the Scholars.

How much of the donation can be deducted from your taxes?

All donors may deduct the maximum amount allowable by U.S. law because the National Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and is considered to be a public charity by the U.S. IRS.